Enhancing Connectivity of the Body using Laban/Bartenieff Movement Work

Personal movement patterns and body language are reflective of psychological resources, history, and capacities. Laban and Bartenieff's Movement framework helps expand and deepen a lived connection with the body in the following ways. Note the overlap between body and psyche.

Balancing inner connectivity with outer expressivity:   

I feel my connection to myself and find the internal support to bring who I am out into the world.

Balancing stability and mobility:

I feel my own stability and can move out with confidence. I activate and motivate myself.

Encouraging full three-dimensional access to the personal kinesphere, relationships with others, and the environment:

I effectively inhabit my own personal space. I support myself as I reach out to others, receive from them, and modulate what happens in between us. I move through the world in a way that works for me.

Enhancing rhythm and effective phrasing in life:

I pace myself in a way that provides for both effective exertion and needed recuperation.

Promoting creative, healthful, regenerative ways of moving that honor the body's needs, prevent injuries, and increase kinesthetic satisfaction and longevity:

I practice good-enough self care on all levels.

Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement are a series of physical explorations developed by physical therapist Irmgard Bartenieff within the framework of Laban’s movement theories. This subtle and concentrated practice encourages the perception of the body’s connections and of one’s numerous relationships with the internal and external environment. Bartenieff Fundamentals addresses:

Dynamic Alignment      

Developmental Patterning   

Breath Support       

Core Support    

Center of Weight    

Weight Shift       



Spatial Intent     

Effort Intent     

Rotary Factors 

Bartenieff Fundamentals encourages ways of moving that are internally nourishing and connected, while fostering adaptability to the stressful and varied situations of daily life.